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Why we do what we do?

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

“The noblest art is that of making others happy” - P.T Barnum

There is a great responsibility in making games.

Our job, our mission is to make people happy.

We're there for them in the morning, just before they go out to work, school, trip, or even a checkup at the doctor's.

Our task is to make them smile and at times, find their inner courage to get through the day no matter how hard it might turn out to be.

If we did our work right, they will manage to push through and come out victorious. After all, there is nothing that a happy person cannot weather.

We're there for them again in the evenings, after a long day. Tired, and troubled they come to us for relief.

If we did our work right, their faces will light up and the pain of the day will wash away and become but a distant memory. There is nothing that a happy person cannot overcome.

That is our work. That is the responsibility we hold. That is the care we must put into our creations. Every mechanic, every story, every character, and animation must delight and dazzle. Every puzzle, every mystery must intrigue and captivate. Every choice we make must be meaningful and thoughtful. Every experience - well crafted. We cannot leave anything to chance as there is just too much at stake.

Indeed it is the noblest art that makes others happy. For in their happiness lies their salvation and our destiny.

So remember that no matter your role: artists, developers, designers, or producers, marketers and writers, musicians, and modelers - the joy of others is in the palm of your hands. Dedicate extra care, be proud, be mindful, and do your tasks in reverence.

This is our prayer. This is our promise. Creators of games. Creators of fun. Creators of hope.

We will make you happy.


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