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Do you like mysterious puzzles and the process of hidden objects finding? What about renovating an old hotel? 

Incredibly involving and mysterious story of a strange old hotel will take you through unforgettable gaming journey. Just search and reveal hidden objects inside weird and dark hotel rooms. Finding required objects let you solve the mystery of the strange hotel.

As a successor of the former hotel host you will be able to master a new design by choosing your signature style for hotel interiors’ renovation. You can create your own style by using skins of various designs - Modern, Classics or 70’s. Hundreds of changeable colorful designs are available on each location. 

Everyday eleven unforgettable tasks are awaiting for you. With each passing day in the game you’ll be closer to the true story of strange incidents with hotel guests.

An old stranger's bag is the key to the hotel secrets! 


  • Incredible cinematic storyline 

  • Brand new combination of hidden object and renovation hotel 

  • Hundreds of designable interiors 

  • Unique boosters and power-ups

  • Funny characters to your pleasure 

  • Wide range of hidden objects 

  • Daily bonuses

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