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Do you like relaxing fun of candy crushing and gems blasting? Hotel Blast is a casual puzzle game with thousands of match and blast levels! Do you also love interior design games, where you can build, renovate and decorate a mansion? Hotel Blast lets you restore the house, make a beautiful home design, and do a manor makeover! Get the double fun of cube blasting and hotel decorating! Practice your hotel management skills! Become a part of an exciting adventure in the old hotel controlled by the mystery! 


Raise a pet, meet new friends, play with your loved ones – this place has everything for a casual game!

Search and find the clue, use your deduction skills, unravel the mysterious detective story – solving puzzles and uncovering secrets have never been better!
Enjoy the colorful toon design, relaxing atmosphere, romantic adventures, fun dialogues, and adorable characters – Hotel Blast has the entertaining gameplay! 
Download this best Match-2 puzzle game Hotel Blast and enjoy the funniest cartoon puzzle journey! Immerse yourself in hours upon hours of jelly-matching fun!


Follow along with the adventure while designing your dream hotel! Complete quests for more rewards and advancing the story! Discover home memories and uncover the mystery that surrounds this hotel! Become a detective and find the hidden clues that this old house keeps! Immerse yourself in an interactive story full of love, romance, and dangerous affairs. Fun and unique characters will help you decorate the hotel!


  • Hundreds of challenging Match and Blast puzzle levels!

  • Unique game objectives and dozens of entertaining obstacles!

  • Incredible cinematic storyline filled with mystery!

  • Huge variety of designable interiors to customize your hotel!

  • Opportunity to form your own club and blast the competition!

  • Exciting star chests with valuable rewards!

  • The intriguing atmosphere and stunning graphics!

  • Deluxe treasure chests for the best players!

  • Ability to play with your friends, anytime, anywhere!

  • Awesome Bonuses each and every day!

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