Junior Affiliate Manager, Herzliya

The Role:

  • Manage affiliate recruitment, retention, and activation.

  • Monitor, analyze and optimize all campaigns to meet ROI goals.

  • Expand affiliates activities to maximize campaigns profits.

  • Establish and maintain strong affiliate relationships. Perform data analysis and optimization of deals negotiated.

  • Initiate new innovative campaigns.

  • Keep up with trends in the digital marketing space and monitor competitors activities.

  • Participate in professional conferences when required.


  • Strong technical and analytical skills

  • Effective sales and negotiation skills

  • Excellent written and spoken communication skills in English. Russian- an advantage

  • Ability to work with teams based remotely

  • Experienced in a gaming company- an advantage.


UX/UI DESIGN, Herzliya

The Role:

  • Responsible for the creation of the user experience and interaction between the user and the game.

  • Work with the creative director to enhance the game experience with visual cues.

  • Work closely with Game designers to create an exceptional overall user experience throughout the game.

  • Develops and supports the creation of UI design, game menus, interactive prototypes, to meet design goals.


  • Owner of the UX flow for the Frontend menu system, in-game HUD, and other various features.

  • Knowledge of how to manipulate UI content and assets and optimize file size and configurations

  • Thorough understanding of UI/UX flow and function design.

  • Works well in a team environment.

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.

  • Takes and understands direction well, meets deadlines and handles multiple tasks.

  • Understanding of animation


Legal Counsel, Herzliya

The Role:

  • Provide legal counsel to the company departments and to the board of directors.

  • Draft and review commercial agreements, mainly with advertisers, publishers and different service providers.

  • Provide corporate advice, including drafting corporate resolutions and minutes of board/gm meetings.

  • Advise on employment and labor law.

  • Involvements in M&A, purchase and sale agreements.

  • Monitor and provide guidance on applicable laws.

  • Work with law-firms.


  • 2+ years working experience in a big law-firm in a commercial department or in a high-tech company

  • Experienced in the relevant fields mentioned above (mainly commercial and corporate governance)

  • Fluent English, Russian - advantage

  • Ability to work independently

  • Highly organized - detailed oriented


Narrative Designer, Herzliya

The Role:

  • Desig the narrative structure of a game.

  • Write dialogue, story and incidental copy like item descriptions and tutorials.


  • Have a creative and intelligent writing style

  • Be able to create text and dialogue that fits a game's tone and world

  • Understand the deep and varied aspects of interactive digital storytelling

  • Research games and their narratives, thinking critically about the narrative decisions and how they interact with the design choices

  • Understand what makes a game appealing to different audiences

  • Possess excellent imagination, creativity and problem-solving skills

  • Have excellent communication and presentation skills


Client Side Developer, Herzliya

The Role:

  • Develop games as part of a multi-profile agile team

  • Work and cooperate closely with designers, management and QA, as well as participate in planning, features discussion and project related decision-making.


  • Advanced programming knowledge

  • Familiar with game engine (Unity)

  • Experience in writing optimized code (CPU, memory)

  • Ability to write code in a multi-threaded/multi-CPU environment

  • Knowledge of code optimization techniques

  • Ability to analyze complex code and find non-trivial solutions

  • Attention to details and desire to get things done

  • Development on multi-platform environment

  • Game development frameworks and middleware

  • Flexibility and ability to adapt to change

  • Initiative, problem-solver and open minded

  • Good oral and written communication in English

  • Analytical and synthesis skills

  • Passion for making and playing games





The Role:

  • Write a new game logic and improve the existing functionality (support, optimization)

  • Provide feedback and improve the development flow

  • Write quality code

  • Closely cooperate with designers, management and QA


  • 2+ experience in developing mobile projects (iOS, Android) on Unity;

  • Fluency in C#

  • Understanding and practical application of OOP principles

  • Knowledge of design patterns

  • Experience working with Xcode, Android Studio- an advantage

  • The ability to use TextMesh Pro, DOTween, TexturePacker, Unity Sprite Atlas - an advantage

  • Problem-solving and open minded

  • Working well in team environment


Game Artist, Kiev

The Role:

  • Create the visual elements of a game, such as characters, scenery, objects, vehicles, surface textures, clothing, etc.

  • Create concept art and storyboards which help communicate the proposed visual elements during pre-production


  • Have an art portfolio demonstrating a range of work and originality of style

  • Able to draw from life

  • Vast knowledge of anatomy and architecture

  • Able to convey facial expressions and emotions

  • Have a flair for color, composition, perspective, modelling and texturing techniques, lighting and mood

  • Excellent skills in comic book art and/or storyboarding

  • Able to work as part of a team and independently

  • Imaginative, creative and observative

  • Able to work to a style guide

  • Knowledge of the requirements of the relevant Health and Safety legislation and procedures


Assistant Producer, Kiev

The Role:

  • Work with a game's production staff to ensure the timely delivery of the highest quality product possible


  • Solid knowledge of project management

  • Strong communications skills, particularly verbal and written language

  • Able to learn new skills quickly

  • Highly motivated and confidante in dealing with complex situations

  • Have a passion for games

  • Able to plan ahead, set objectives and prioritize

  • Good management skills

  • Pay close attention to detail and have high standards of work

  • Knowledge of the requirements of the relevant health and safety legislation and procedures

  • Team player


Level Editor/Designer, Kiev

The Role:

  • Define and create interactive architecture for a segment of a game, including the landscape, buildings and objects

  • Train the QA Testers to play the game

  • Work closely with artists and programmers


  • Excellent spatial and layout design skills

  • Knowledge of 3D modelling and a firm grasp of game design principles

  • Ability to visualize layouts

  • Practical understanding of programming and scripting language

  • IT skills and competence in the use of world-editing tools

  • Knowledge of different platforms

  • The ability to work both independently and as part of a team

  • Imaginative, creative and organized

  • Excellent communication skills (both verbal and written)

  • Pay close attention to detail and be able to evaluate quality

  • Passion for games and knowledge of game design theory

  • Knowledge of the requirements of the relevant health and safety legislation and procedures