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Bugs and Known issues

We are listening, and we are working to improve the update.

It's been a long journey and not an easy one, but the big update came out after months of development. Over the weekend, we saw, with delight, the increase in the time you all spent in the game. Players dived into the game, progressing through the new levels and preparing for the upcoming events and features that are unlocking gradually.

The update also brought some unfortunate problems that we are working to solve. The most important thing is this: we hear you, our community. We are following both the feedback and the data closely to ensure our next steps make the game better.

There are two significant issues at the moment:

  1. We had to shut down the chat feature.

  2. There is a loading issue.

The team is dealing with both as I write this. While we are not asking our players to feel sorry for the teams, we ask that you take things in context. We've created this update under the most challenging situation in recent years. The war in Ukraine affects our team members. Most had to leave their homes and are currently living with friends and family (or alone) all around Europe. Our team lost not only their homes; some have lost friends and close ones. As a company, we are doing whatever we can to support them and continue doing so. Our team marched on, doing incredible work that w

ent smoothly, mostly.

This is by no means an excuse, just a fact we have to deal with, and on

e we hope you'll understand.

I want to get back to the issues and explain what we are doing about them.

The Chat: I know, it feels like this is a trivial piece of technology. We are used to chatting online in apps and games. However, building a sound chat system is not trivial, especially when we are thinking about elements like the safety and well-being of our players. The Chat is the most requested feature that we got from the community, and it's also a feature that was part of our roadmap from the beginning. There are many moving parts there, and we want to make sure we enable it back and run smoothly. Currently, we are trying to fix it without asking you to update the game again. Suppose we manage to do that, great. If not, we will let you know, and it will come out as an additional minor update.

Loading Time: This issue plagues a small percentage of our players, but it is still unacceptable. Our teams are finding the source and are working to fix this ASAP.

There are other more minor issues, including missing rewards and some information that either doesn't show or appears with errors. Please let us know either

through the support or in the comments (here or on any other social network you are using, we're everywhere) about any problem you are seeing.

The update that came out on Thursday is enormous. Those who looked at the update's size noted how big it was. It included changes to the graphics, changes in the balance, and the behavior of some of the mechanics. We know you don't like some of the changes, and be sure that we are collecting the feedback and making sure the dev and design teams understand how you feel and what you are looking to see.

There is tons of new content for you to explore and enjoy: 10 new Campaign chapters with dangerous opponents and exciting adventures, one hundred new floors in the Flaming Fortress, and 60 new calendar days.

There are new features that came with the update that will unlock over the next three weeks, including the Dice event, which we're sure you will love! Every feature we talked about ahead of the update is in the game, ready for us to flip the switch.

Be sure that there is more to come, including much-requested content and features.

We thank you for caring. We see the feedback and the complaints, and we know no one wastes time complaining if they don't care. It's our job to respond in action to all of the issues you raised, and that's what we are doing.

We are excited about everything wee already prepared and launched and can't wait for you to play and see what the team made for you.

Thank you.


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