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How to use A/B testing on Google Play

Google Play Developer Console is a handy tool used to optimize store listing. It allows you to run A/B tests and find the best performing version of an icon, screenshots, video, or description. Google Play allows testing up to three new elements at the same time in one country. There is an opportunity to conduct experiments simultaneously in five different countries. This way, you can test up to 15 creatives in one time period. This process significantly speeds up the optimization process and gives the desired result faster. At Whaleapp, we use this tool to test all possible elements, namely:

  • Icons

  • Screenshots

  • Feature Graphic

  • Promo Video

  • Full Description

  • Short Description

While the Google Play tool allows us to test several elements at once (for example, icons and screenshots), we prefer to test each item separately to avoid errors. What kind? For example, if we test the new icon and the new set of screenshots simultaneously, and the experiment results show a +10% increase in installs, we do not know for sure the reason for this result and how we achieved the result. It could have been an increase from the new icon (+20%), while screenshots, on the contrary, led to a fall (-10%), with a total rise of that +10 % we saw.

By testing different elements separately, we can accurately determine their impact on the result and reduce the statistical error. We use the same principle to test creatives. For example, when we try to improve an icon, we only make one significant change to the version. For example, we change the character in the first icon, the color of the character’s clothes in the second, and the background of that character in the third icon. 

When we review the test results, we can see what affected the outcome. For example, the icons with the changed character and the icon with the altered background performed well, and we saw overall growth. Simultaneously, the icon showing the character with a different color of clothes turned out to be a failure. With that information, we can form a hypothesis that the version with the new character and background will be even more effective. Consequently, we create such an icon and test it again.

Remember, we must bear in mind that different creatives can perform differently in various countries. For the US market, art in one style is more suitable, but it is better to apply a completely different one for the Japanese market. The Google Play tool allows us to test creatives for each country separately. This option opens up new opportunities for ASO. The testing process must be perpetual. In each of our projects, we conduct tests on an ongoing basis. This work process makes it possible to find the most effective solutions that improve the projects’ metrics systematically. 

It means that even if we find the new working concept for a game icon, we never stop, we continue testing. You can always find a better option. Typically, after applying the new creative, we make minor improvements to it in several iterations, which gives an additional increase in performance. When all these iterations are complete, we look for a new concept.

By adhering to these guidelines of A/B testing, analyzing the results, and working out the correct hypotheses, you can significantly increase the organic installs of the project, improve the page conversion, and reach the top for keywords.

Article by: Dmytro Biruk


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