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Become the Lord of Coins

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

New game warning. Lord of Coins in now out on Early Access on Google Play. Help the professor fix the timeline, discover the history of humanity, and enjoy your travel. Get it now.

Travel through time and magical lands fighting your enemies! Attack other players’ islands and raid their fortune! Defend your island against incoming attacks and earn more coins! This game is all about the art of earning coins and investing them to get more coins and spins! Lords of Coins is a slot-based game where you are in charge of building fascinating new worlds!

Want to become rich and powerful? Time to get your hands on some treasure! Gather all your coins, together with your friends, and become Lords of Coins! Build your own island on good fortune, attacks and raids! It’s fun and simple! Simply spin the slot, win, or, if you are lucky, hit the jackpot, and build through compelling island adventures!


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