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#1 in the world - Solitaire is out

Last night, after months of hard work and effort, we finally launched Solitaire: Teas Village to a global release.

It wasn't easy coordinating everything through these times of COVID. However, the teams were (and still are) driven to accomplish the goal: create a game that will entertain our fans and bring delight to their lives.

We are incredibly thankful for the support we got from Google, which nominated "Solitaire: Texas Villiage" #1 in the Play Store worldwide.

It's a great honor and a sign of trust, one we don't take lightly.

What a ride it was until now, and it looks like the journey is only beginning.

Time to join us here in the village - head to the store, download the game, and join the fun on Android or iOS.

One last thing, don't forget to



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