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WHALEAPP AND THE 2021 Ukrainian Olympiad in Informatics

Last month, WHALEAPP was delighted to welcome the participants of the fourth round of the 2021 Ukrainian Olympiad in Informatics. For two days, between March 20th and 21st, the contestants solved complex problems and competed for a chance to represent Ukraine at various European and international informatics olympiads.

We welcomed 35 high school students from Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities. This is the second time we have had the chance to host the Ukrainian Olympiad at our studio. In light of the current global situation, we paid particular attention to the contestants'

safety by providing spacious and well-ventilated rooms, as well as facial masks and disinfectants. We made sure contestants were socially distancing at all times.

On the first day, WHALEAPP warmly greeted the 2021 class of contestants. Each contestant received a gift set from us

and was offered a short tour of our studio. We showed them what makes our company special and how our products help entertain and cheer people up.

We've ended each day with the traditional pizza party! The contestants took the time to discuss their plans for the future while taking a well-earned break from the complex algorithms and equations.

WHALEAPP's support of the Olympiad began thanks to

our friendship with the Kyivo-Pecherskiy Lyceum # 171 "Leader."

Pavel Pikulin (our Vice President of Product) is an alumnus of the Lyceum and a prize-winner of several top-level Olympiads

WHALEAPP has supported talented students for more than a year now by

hosting open houses, helping attract new teachers, organizing preparations for competitions, and providing psychological support for competitors. The contestants got a chance to show their talent in a safe and comfortable environment, receive support from like-minded people, and discover new horizons and opportunities in their burgeoning careers.

We are proud of the students, and we feel blessed to help in this vital endeavor.


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