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Try Match3 levels, saturated with bright elements and flavored with "spicy" boosters that help pass the most difficult tasks. Become a real gourmet of the game!

Everything is very simple! Match identical elements, arranging them in a row of 3, 4 or more. Achieve the goals before the end of the moves and get deserved awards.

It's interesting to pass game levels with your friends. You can invite them via Facebook and see which one of you is the most skilled in fruit carving, in collecting berries, removing the spilled yogurt and in "juggling" with several packages of milk simultaneously.


  • Exquisite and tricky Match3 levels

  • Bright and amazing game elements

  • Friendly graphical interface

  • A lot of positive emotions

  • The opportunity to relax and have fun

  • Daily bonuses

  • New Match3 levels every two weeks

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