At Whaleapp you’ll find the most delightful games to play. Our games are easy to pick up and give fans hundreds of hours of fun and excitement. Our talents all around the world work tirelessly to bring different genres to life, always trying to add a little twist that brings with it a vast new impact. Play our games wherever you are; on mobile, tablet or your computer. Get ready for a whole world of fun.



Whaleapp is a developer and a publisher of social entertainment application. Our goal is to create well-designed products. The management team at Whaleapp has decades of experience in the game industry and is focused on creating enjoyable experiences and games for our wide variety of fans. We look for ways to delight the fans and bring them unforgettable experiences


Whaleapp believes in diversity.
It's true to our team members who come from all walks of life,
all sexes, and culture.
It's true to our way of working on ideas,
bringing everyone to the table and hear their thoughts.
It's true to our portfolio of games, creating different genres
and experiences to surprise and delight our fans.