Get ready to take part in a whole new experience!

Foot Pool: World Championship is an entirely new sport - a hybrid combination of pool and soccer.

A 1v1 game of pure skill. Play online against real players across the globe. This game is a unique experience and is now available for the first time on mobile. Foot Pool: World Championship brings all the fun, strategy, and accuracy from the real world to your fingertips.

Enjoy and unlock beautiful locations as you rise from rags to riches. Each area offers higher rewards. Your coins are at stake – win the match, and the coins are yours.

Dive into immersive gameplay that lets you control the action!

Join other soccer and pool players and prove yourself to the community and the world as the top player.

Compete in the global leaderboard
to show your skill!

Rumble through 12 competitive classes of mastering!

Learn how to maximize your score and control your league!



  • Pure skill gameplay (no pay2win)

  • Short game session with intense action and tons of fun

  • Unlock new areas and gain more wealth

  • Easily challenge your friends through any social network, on any mobile device!

  • Weekly League leaderboard

  • Collect and upgrade your players to increase your score

  • Become the ultimate Foot Pool player

  • Coming soon - Tournaments and additional leaderboards

  • Coming soon - Customization and emotes

  • and more!